I am running my app, but the Glue Smart Lock is not responding. What is wrong?

If your Glue Smart Lock does not respond, there are a few easy ways of getting it back on track.

  1. Refresh your Bluetooth connection by turning it off and then back on again
  2. Restart the app by double pressing the home button on your iPhone or pressing the function button on your Android device and swipe the app off screen
  3. Reboot your phone (shutdown and restart)
  4. Delete the Glue app, go to AppStore or Google Play and download the Glue app again 
  5. Make sure that your phone is connected to the internet. If Glue offline mode should fail, access needs to be restored from the cloud service. Do not worry, the app will take care of it. All you need to do is to run the app when you are connected to the internet
  6. Check how many permanent users that are registered to your Glue Smart Lock. To achieve top performance and stability, there should be less than 10 users registered to your Glue Smart Lock. If the Glue Smart Lock malfunctions when you attempt to do this, unplug the battery pack and plug it back in. We are developing a solution that will support many more users.
  7. Refresh data (only for Android). To refresh the data of a specific lock, select the desired lock, press “Lock Details” and "Refresh data". To refresh the data of every lock that is bound to your user account, press “Settings” (cogwheel icon) and press “Refresh data”.


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